Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to introduce the magical and delicious fifth taste! Discovered in Japan a hundred years ago, Umami is now part of the food and drink world and is actually what makes the food taste good. Occuring naturally in many different type of aliments from vegetable to meat and fish, an Umami-base cuisine is enjoyable, delightful and above all healthy.


We organise fun and interactive tasting events where wine and spirits are matched with cheeses, professional lectures would take place together with blind tasting, quizzes and games!

Umami club is a new social way to make new friends and at the same time a chance to discover, learn and share new skills


Sweet, sour, salt, bitter and UMAMI…


UMAMI is a scientific, physiological and food phenomenon. A word coined by a Japanese scientist almost 100 years ago, to describe the distinctive taste of the amino acid glutamate and UMAMI is now considered our fifth taste, quite distinct from sweet, sour, salt and bitter.

Glutamate, one of the amino acid building blocks of protein, is found naturally in virtually all plant and animal tissue. In humans, it is so important to normal metabolism that our bodies make it and mothers’ milk contains 10 times more than cows’ milk. In food, the role of glutamate is, in effect, to make food delicious. As foods ripen, cure or ferment their levels of free glutamate increase making them more tasty.

This distinctive amino-acid taste has been key to both Eastern and Western diets for millennia: ripe tomatoes, ripe cheese, cured ham, chicken, seaweed, dried fish, meat extract, fish sauces, many seasonings and even selected sake , selected wine or champagne all have UMAMI.